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Wed, 29 Jan 2014

There's no AMD Catalyst for Fedora 20 in RPM Fusion, but the Fedora 19 packages just keep on getting updated

There still is a packaged version of the AMD Catalyst video driver in RPM Fusion, and it's being updated with each and every kernel release. For Fedora 19.

So what about Fedora 20? The maintainer has made it clear that he's no longer interested in building the package going forward for RPM Fusion, so Fedora 20 users have nothing.

It's lucky (for me anyway) that installing the Catalyst driver direct from AMD isn't as difficult as it was earlier in the F20 cycle. But it's not as easy as installing an RPM package.

If my laptop didn't choke on video (both full screen and windowed in VLC and Totem) and run 30 to 50 degrees hotter with the open Radeon driver, I wouldn't give a damn.

I'd love for the open Radeon driver to be almost as good as Catalyst, but on my newish hardware it is not even close.

Ubuntu packages fglrx/Catalyst. Even Debian packages it in the nonfree repo. But Fedora farms this out to RPM Fusion.

If I could figure out how to package Catalyst for Fedora, I would. Somebody has even opened a bug in RPM Fusion's Bugzilla to offer up his own packaging of Catalyst. In three weeks there has been no response.

The more time that passes since the Fedora 20 release without a packaged Catalyst driver, the more harm is done to Fedora, the more users are frustrated, the more they turn to other distributions that offer easier access to Catalyst and the more mindshare (and actual share) Fedora loses.

Let me be clear: This hurts Fedora.

I don't seen the Nvidia driver going away. RPM Fusion is all over that one. It's just Catalyst that's getting a kick in the shorts. The maintainer can quit if he wants. The only problem is that nobody else has taken over.

Users need freedom and freedom of choice. I don't know if it's love of "freedom," apathy, or an indication that not so many people are using Fedora. Rather than a hue and cry, it's a few users asking nicely about what's going on with nobody giving much of a shit.