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Regular blog here, 'microblog' there

Many of my traditional blog post live on this site, but a great majority of my social-style posts can be found on my much-busier microbloging site at updates.passthejoe.net. It's busier because my BlogPoster "microblogging" script generates short, Twitter-style posts from the Linux or Windows (or anywhere you can run Ruby with too many Gems) command line, uploads them to the web server and send them out on my Twitter and Mastodon feeds.

I used to post to this blog via scripts and Unix/Linux utilities (curl and Unison) that helped me mirror the files locally and on the server. Since this site recently moved hosts, none of that is set up. I'm just using SFTP and SSH to write posts and manage the site.

Disqus comments are not live just yet because I'm not sure about what I'm going to do for the domain on this site. I'll probably restore the old domain at first just to have some continuity, but for now I like using the "free" domain from this site's new host, NearlyFreeSpeech.net.

Thu, 18 Oct 2012

I did a major OwnCloud update -- and it worked

I haven't used OwnCloud much over the past few months. And I let my installation get old.

I just did an upgrade from 3.0.2 to 4.5.0 in a single operation. OwnCloud is complicated: The update consists of 4,562 files.

Once the files transferred, the system didn't work. But the fix was easy: OwnCloud 4.5.0 requires PHP 5.3. My shared hosting account defaults to PHP 5.2. PHP 5.3 must be called in the .htaccess file. I was doing that in version 3.0.2, but part of my upgrade included a new .htaccess file from OwnCloud.

I went into .htaccess, added my hosting provider's recommended code to invoke PHP 5.3, and OwnCloud 4.5.0 began working immediately.

One of the things about 4.5.0 that I'm most excited about is the ability to upgrade OwnCloud from within the application itself. Sure beats transferring 4,562 files over FTP.

Tue, 22 May 2012

OwnCloud releases version 4

The OwnCloud team has released version 4 of the run-it-yourself file-sharing software.

Development on OwnCloud has been happening rather quickly. I distinctly remember updating my own installation with the last two point releases in Version 3.

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Fri, 09 Mar 2012

Huge OwnCloud breakthrough -- I figure out how to get a secure connection

The missing piece from my OwnCloud installation has been a secure connection over SSL, which means an encrypted session over the Web.

I finally figured out how to use the shared SSL certificate from my hosting provide, Hostgator. Here are the instructions for all Hostgator shared-hosting users who want an https:// connection to their site(s).

I set up the secure https:// connection in my browser bookmarks and in my WebDAV configuration. (Here's how to set up WebDAV for OwnCloud from the project's how-to pages.)

Now I'm a lot more confident in using OwnCloud as my own personal document/file access/sharing service knowing that my data isn't being sent in the clear.

Thu, 23 Feb 2012

Quick OwnCloud update

I'm still playing with OwnCloud.

My big idea was running it on http://devio.us, since this excellent OpenBSD shell/webspace provider supports PHP and offers SSL connections (the latter of which will make me much more comfortable using OwnCloud).

However, it turns out that OwnCloud requires the PHP Zip extension (or is it Zip PHP extension?), and Devio.us doesn't offer it.

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Thu, 16 Feb 2012

I just installed ownCloud: It's like my own, wholly controlled version of Google Docs (without the spying) and Dropbox (without the cost)

I didn't think installing ownCloud would be so easy, but it was.

My continuing reliance on Google Docs, which is cheerfully offered up for free in exchange for Google's searching through your files and marketing to you based on what it finds, plus the plethora of similar privacy-sapping services, has me very interested in personal-cloud services such as ownCloud and the early-days Freedom Box project. The Freedom Box will happen eventually.

OwnCloud is here now, and while there is certainly a commercial component to the whole thing, it is basically a free software project with code that anybody can download and use.

And so I did.

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