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Wed, 18 Dec 2013

Don't eat the yellow snow, or upgrade to Fedora 20 with fedup 0.7

You don't want your bike chain to fall off.

It very well might if you use fedup 0.7.x to do your Fedora 19-to-20 upgrade:

Adam Williamson, who calls himself the "Fedora QA Community Monkey," writes:

I just poked it a bit and it sure seems like upgrades with fedup 0.7 to F20 are busted. They definitely worked when we tested shortly before release, though. I can only think that using fedup 0.7 against upgrade kernel/image built with fedup-dracut 0.8 doesn't work.

If you have fedup installed, you can tell your version with this:

$ yum list fedup

Here is my output of that command:

fedup.noarch 0.7.3-4.fc19 installed

According to Fedora devs and other expert types, the thing to do is wait for fedup 0.8, which will be moving onto Fedora 19 systems any day now via the usual update mechanisms.

Adam puts it this way:

So, here's the news: do your upgrades to F20 with fedup 0.8, yo. It's in updates-testing for F18 and F19 at present, but will go to stable for F19 tomorrow. If you're upgrading from F18, you'll need to pass '--nogpgcheck' to fedup, because of <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1040689>.

Failed fedup upgrades aren't fatal but also aren't fun, so it's worth the wait for a new fedup.

Later: Chris Murphy on the Fedora users mailing list suggests this command to update to fedup 0.8 right now:

$ sudo yum update fedup --enablerepo=updates-testing

Then you could run the full fedup:

$ sudo fedup --network 20