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Thu, 21 Feb 2013

Aftermarket replacement battery on the cheap for the Lenovo G555

I've had the Lenovo G555 for about 2 3/4 years at this point, and I've had another part fail -- the battery.

A laptop battery losing its ability to hold a charge after two years is by no means unusual.

Laptop batteries can be pricey. I've seen them go for -- and that's for a computer that's worth maybe .

When my LCD power inverter went when I had the Lenovo for about two years -- a bit early -- and I was able to replace what is usually a part by spending and change on eBay, I decided to look around before committing to a new battery.

I saw aftermarket batteries going for anywhere from to . That's quite a range. Some claimed to be better. Those offered a two-year warranty. Most of the time, it would take another to in shipping to complete the transaction.

So I went to eBay, found a new, aftermarket batter for and change -- shipping included. If it only lasted a year, I'd be money ahead compared to a battery with a two-year guarantee that would cost an extra to ship.

And it could very well last longer.

For I was willing to take a chance.

And so I did. The battery came a mere days after my order (most eBay merchants are very quick about it). I powered down the laptop, swapped in the new battery, and here I am. I can suspend/resume with confidence, something I'd gotten quite used to before the battery was unable to keep the machine suspended for more than a few hours without becoming almost completely depleted.

Two weeks later: The battery is still working great. Having a working battery really makes a difference. GNOME 3 takes a hell of a long time to log in after a fresh boot, and it's very, very convenient to just suspend/resume into the same session for days at a time.